Closing ears and contracting rectum

Close your ears and contract the rectum

Closing ears and contracting rectum

We are not aware of the body even or how the body functions and what is its tao, what is its way. But if you observe, then you can become very easily aware. If you stop your ears and pull your rectum up, contract your rectum, everything will stop for you. It will be as if the whole world has become non-moving – as if everything has become static, stopped. Not only movements, you will feel as if time has stopped.

What happens when you pull the rectum up, contract it? What happens? When both the ears are closed simultaneously, with closed ears you will hear a sound within. But if the rectum is not pulled up, that sound is released by the rectum. That sound is very subtle. If the rectum is pulled up, contracted, and the ears are closed, you will see within you a pillar of sound – and that sound is of silence. It is a negative sound. When all sounds have ceased, then you feel the sound of silence or the sound of soundlessness. But it will be released from the rectum. So close the ears and pull the rectum up. Then you are closed from both the sides, and your body becomes closed and just filled with sound. This feeling of being filled with sound gives a deep fulfillment. So we will have to understand many things around it, only then will it become possible for you to have the feeling of what happens.

Rectum closed, pulled upwards, contracted, creates a situation in the body in which sound can be felt if present. You will feel a pillar of sound in silence within the closed space in your body. Close the ears and pull up the rectum, and then just remain with what is happening inside you. Just remain in that vacant state which is created by these two things. Your life energy is moving within and it has no way to go out. Sound goes out either from your ears or from your rectum. Those are the two doors from where the sound can move out. If is not moving out, you can feel it more easily.

And what will happen when you feel this inner sound? With the very phenomenon of hearing the inner sound, your thoughts dissolve. You will feel that your mind has stopped. It will not be functioning; thoughts will have stopped. That constant flow of thoughts is not there. It is good! And then such a well-being flows out of it! And the inner sound, once heard, remains with you, nothing from the outside can disturb you. You remain silent;

Beyond words and sounds

Beyond words and sounds

First visualize, imagine and then feel inside, in your consciousness, the honey-filled foci of awareness filled with letters  – A, B, C, D – any letters of any language, then change your emphasis from the written letter to the heart sound. You are moving deep, the surface is left behind. You are sinking deep – then feel what feeling comes through a particular sound. Because of that science, the MANTRA was developed. A particular sound is related to a particular feeling, and it is never otherwise. So if you create that sound within you, that feeling will be created. You can use any sound, and then the related feeling will be created around you. That sound creates the space to be filled by a particular feeling.

Words are sounds. Thoughts are words in sequence, in logical sequence, in a particular pattern.  Sound is basic. With sound words are created, and then with words thoughts are created, and then with thoughts religion and philosophy, everything. Deep down is the sound.

This sutra says to go in the reverse order – go backwards. Come to the sounds, then, more basic than sounds, a feeling is somewhere hidden. Man uses words. Words mean sounds with meanings that are agreed upon. But animals, birds use sounds without any linguistic meaning. They do not have any language, but they use sounds with feeling.

Above sounds there are words, thoughts, philosophies; below sounds are feelings. And unless you can get below feelings, you cannot get below mind. The whole world is filled with sounds, only the human world is filled with words. And even a child who cannot use language uses sounds. Really, the whole language developed because of particular sounds.

First imagine them as letters, then see them, hear them more subtly as sounds, then as most subtle feelings. Uncover sounds, and then, through the sounds also, uncover feelings. Start with the eyes, then forget the eyes by and by. Then move away from the eyes to the ears.  Be aware of how you feel. Then leaving them aside be free.

Only when you come to the deepest layer of feelings can you leave them. First you have to leave philosophies – then you have to leave thoughts, then you have to leave words, then you have to leave letters, then you have to leave sounds, then you have to leave feelings – because you can leave only that which is there. Then leaving them aside be free.