Use sound as a passage towards feeling

Use sound as a passage towards feeling

Intone one sound. Go on intoning it, first audibly so that you can hear it, and then by and by, slowly, inaudibly. No one else can hear it then, but you can hear it inside. Make it more quiet, make it less and less audible, and then suddenly drop it. There will be silence, an explosion of silence – but feeling will be there. Now there will be no thought, but feeling will be there. So if you have a feeling for a certain sound, it is better to use it. Do not use an intellectual sound, it will be of no help because the sound has to be used to make a passage from the mind to the heart. So use some sound for which you have a deep love, a certain feeling.

When you use a sound or a word, the love is attached to a label. You say, ”Ram, Ram, Ram…” You have a deep feeling for this word, but the feeling is addressed to ”Ram,” narrowed down to ”Ram.” When you go on reducing the ”Ram,” a moment will come when ”Ram” disappears, the sound disappears. Now only the feeling remains, the feeling of love – not toward Ram, it is now not addressed. There is simply a feeling of love – not toward anyone, not even toward; there is simply a feeling of love as if you are in an ocean of love.

Any sound will do. Find your own sound. And when you intone it, you will feel whether you have a loving relationship with it, because the heart will start vibrating. Your whole body will begin to be more sensitive. You will feel as if you are falling into something warm, just like your beloved’s lap; something warm begins enveloping you. And this is a physical feeling also, not simply a mental feeling. If you intone a sound which you love, you will feel a certain warmth around you, inside you. Then the world is not a cold world, it is warm. It is better to choose a small room, and if the room is such that it vibrates your sound it is good, it will help you. And if you can choose the same place every day, it will be very good. It becomes charged. If the same sound is repeated every day, every atom, the very space becomes a milieu.

These methods are temple methods. A temple is good, or a mosque or a church. Your own house is not good for these methods, So it is better to go to a certain place which belongs to a certain sound, and then use it. And it , go to the same place every day.

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