Healing Yantras

Instruments for healing ourself.Some of which are Healing bowls,Frequency pipes,Tuning forks etc.

Sound waves

Sound waves and sound vibrations enter the body mind and soul and heals all disorders.

The sound vibration is an effective tool to use on functioning def stress, pain and emotions. Sound increases immunity. When the brain listens to this kind of sound it becomes more attentive and now has more focus on what you do.you tend to reduce your mistakes when you listen to this kind of sound.

Sound Healing instruments

The sounds are also used to generate certain frequencies for specific healing. Each sound can generate different energy for the healing of the different organs. Once the movements, sounds, and information have been integrated into your practice you can simplify and make the Healing Sounds more powerful.

Heal with bowls and frequency pipes

Sound creates a vibration which influences our energy. There are many sounds and many ways to utilize them in meditation and in palm healing. Certain sounds can be chanted or sung to activate our energy, to harmonize energy, or to calm our energy. Following are some basic sounds which can be used often during palm healing.

Healing with instruments

Sound waves are vibrations created by the movement of objects. These vibrations travel through the air and when they enter our inner ear, we interpret these vibrations as sound. Each sound has a different vibratory rate—those that vibrate at a slower speed produce lower, more relaxed sounds; those that vibrate at a faster speed produce higher, tighter sounds. These sounds have varying yin and yang qualities, as shown in the following list: