Healing with mantras

The Use of Sound

Sound creates a vibration which influences our energy. There are many sounds and many ways to utilize them in meditation and in palm healing. Certain sounds can be chanted or sung to activate our energy, to harmonize energy, or to calm our energy. Following are some basic sounds which can be used often during palm healing.


Su. Pronounced “Sue,” this is a balanced sound which creates an energy vibration to harmonize our energy. We can chant “Su” in a long, peaceful manner to create a smooth, calm feeling. This sound helps to regulate energy flow in general and produces a feeling of unification, drawing all extremes to the middle. Repeat about five to ten times in a long, slow manner to feel the effect of this sound.


Ah. This is a yin, open sound which produces an effect of releasing and relaxation. It may be chanted slowly five to ten times to see the effect.


Toh. Pronounced “Toe,” this is a yang, concentrated sound, useful for activating and focusing our energy and creating a feeling of warmth. “Toh” may be chanted in a more short, active manner.


Mmm. A very closed, contracted sound, “Mmm” gives a yang effect and is helpful for focusing and concentration, especially in the mind.


A-U-M. Many people are familiar with this sound, “Aum” or “Om,” which is practiced by ancient religions. For the fullest effect, we pronounce it as three separate sounds, “Ah-U-Mmm.” These three sounds represent yin, middle, and yang sounds, and give us a very energizing effect, and a feeling of wholeness or

completeness, together with a sense of universal consciousness. “A-U-M” is chanted in one long breath, giving about equal time to each sound. Try it about ten times or two to three minutes.




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